HS Football Part 1: Vandebilt Catholic at ED White

It was a rocky start to the high school football season for both me and the Vandebilt Catholic High School Terriers.

Like last season, I am shooting all of VCHS’s football games this season. The Terriers opened up the season three weeks ago on the road at ED White. I live close to two hours away so I left very early to meet a friend for an early dinner and planned to get to the stadium at least an hour early to shoot photos of the team during warmups on the field.

After dinner at White Bowl, a lovely little vietnamese restaurant in Houma (which by the way has amazing coffee), I headed to the stadium. I gave myself what I thought was plenty of time to get there, an hour and twenty minutes. As I was driving through some fairly heavy rain and traffic, I noticed my phone was about to shut off from low battery and I quickly realized my car charger had not been working. Given that I use my phone as a GPS, this was not good. I had no clue how to get to the stadium if the phone died.

I quickly pulled into a Walgreens to get a new charger. At that point, I was running behind my carefully planned schedule. Being in a hurry, of course there was a line at the checkout and it was moving at a snail’s pace. Looking at a clock on the wall, I was starting to get very impatient and the time just kept ticking away. I knew the parking by the stadium was not great and at this point I was going to be lucky to find a close spot.

Finally, I was out of the store and I literally ran to my car with the new charger. I plugged it in and took off to the stadium as quickly as possible. Again, I hit traffic and the rain seemed to only add to my frustration. I pulled up next to the stadium and parking was what I thought it would be. I had about 20 minutes until kickoff and I hadn’t even parked yet. When I finally did get a space and had all of my camera gear ready to go, it was about 5 minutes to kickoff. To most people that may seem okay, not for me. I am someone that has to be everywhere 10 minutes early and according to my schedule, I was 55 minutes late.

Once I was in the stadium, I figured everything would be okay. I had my rain gear for my cameras, brought only the important gear out of the car (to avoid getting some of my gear wet) and while I missed getting pre game warmups, I was still there in enough time not to miss game action. Of course, I would be wrong.

I left my wide angle lens in my car since the rain around the area was so heavy and I didn’t have a rain cover for it. Also, I shoot photos of individual players most of the time so I rarely use the lens unless I am shooting photos more for myself (like overall shots of the stadium). Still, I usually always carry that lens with me.

A few minutes into the game I realized how big of a mistake it was to leave the wide lens in my car. The rain had stopped and the golden afternoon light was absolutely beautiful. A perfect rainbow developed over the stadium and as the clouds cleared a fantastic sunset painted the sky behind the press box. All I could do was sit there in disbelief and frustration. As a photographer, I live to shoot beautiful photos like what was happening before my eyes and I have been waiting for a nice rainbow at a high school game.

I still can’t believe how much bad luck I had that day. Somehow, I managed to shoot several images that I really liked. Now, I will never go anywhere without my wide lens by my side and I will probably get to games even earlier than I used to. Below are some of my favorites from the game.

CEL20188CEL20161CEL20229 CEL20291 CEL20611 CEL20622 CEL20771 CEL20971 CEL21292

Sunset Beach Proposal

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing my brother, Matthew LoGiudice, as he proposed to his girlfriend, Abby Sewell on the beach at sunset. I knew he was planning on proposing soon and that I would be hiding somewhere with a camera but he was not exactly sure where it would take place. Well, my dad invited all of us to come stay at the condo he had rented for a week in Orange Beach and my brother decided that would be the perfect time to pop the question. I drove down there Sunday morning and while we were at the beach that afternoon my brother finalized the details for that evening.

The evening came and I was to go find a good spot on the beach while he and Abby finished dinner. I texted back and forth with my brother countless times trying to tell him where to go (and changing my mind several times). Finally, I found a spot behind some rocks to hide that would be perfect. Of course it was pretty humorous to anyone watching nearby since my dad was with me and I can only imagine what people were thinking when they saw two people crouching behind the rocks and one with a very large camera and lens. I kept worrying about being obstructed from various people who would come and go and then of course the large amount of families taking photos at sunset on the beach. The people seemed to clear out right as my brother and his soon to be fiancé made their way to the beach. I had a clear shot of them and as they walked further past me I made my way from my hiding spot to follow at a bit of a distance behind them (and again this had to be pretty fun since I kept crouching behind random things in case she happened to look back). Finally, they found a spot clear of anyone and I had a clear shot of the moment he pulled the ring out of his pocket.

There was one detail I left out but that is best told by Abby so if any family or friends see this blog you will have to ask her about that…

Below are my favorite images from the beach proposal. Congrats Matt and Abby!! And Abby, I am very excited to have you as a member of the family!!


CEL29600 CEL29634CEL29685


CEL29822 CEL29848 CEL29855 CEL29866

CEL29767 CEL29806

Sunset Ceremony at Palmetto’s

It has been a little while since I have updated so I wanted to share some photos from a wedding I shot a few weeks ago. When I originally booked the wedding, I was very excited about the location, Palmetto’s on the Bayou restaurant in Slidell. I had attended a Christmas party there last year and remember telling my sister that I would love to shoot a wedding there. It isn’t the most grande of venues, but it can be very pretty for a small wedding when the light is nice. The cypress trees behind the restaurant make for nice backdrops.

The day of the wedding came and the light was perfect. It did prove challenging for the shots of the bride and bridal party coming down the isle but overall I thought it made for some nice images. Below are a few of my favorites from that afternoon. CEL27982 CEL27978 DEH_6163CEL27934 CEL27952 CEL28028DEH_6309DEH_6338 CEL28425CEL28540 CEL28331 CEL28394 CEL28905

Recent Portraits

Now that things have slowed down a bit, I wanted to share some recent portraits from a few sessions in May. Most of these were shot on location, one in Metairie, several in the South Lafourche area and some here in Mandeville at the studio and the Lakefront. The weather lucked out for me this month on all my shoots thankfully. Below are a few of my favorites from this month (including an outtake with an appearance from my very fat cat Spirit).

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CEL21070 CEL21079a CEL20887

CEL20460 CEL20511 CEL20542

CEL29619 CEL20640 CEL20166

CEL21262 CEL20968-2 CEL20717

CEL20851The photo above was an outtake from the session. Naty wanted to take a photo with my very fat cat Spirit after we shot the formal cap and gown photos.


Sunsets and Silhouettes

On my way home from shooting some portraits at Fontainebleau State Park, I noticed the sun was starting to show through some of the cloud cover from the afternoon and was turning the sky into lovely shades of orange, red and pink. Since my house is only about two blocks from the lake, and I had the camera in the front seat already, I decided to take a walk on the Lakefront to see if I could find anything interesting to silhouette against the sky. Luck was on my side and I found a few other people enjoying the sunset, two on their bikes and one playing violin. Below are a few of my favorites.


CEL20025 CEL29989CEL20011 CEL29993

Backyard Macro Fun

It’s that time of the year when the flowers start blooming again… and the pollen coats everything in sight! The backyard of the studio is again covered with wildflowers just screaming to be used as a backdrop for a portrait shoot. Since I haven’t been able to use the flowers in any photo sessions yet, I decided to take my camera out to the backyard for a little fun. I don’t have a good macro lens for my camera but I have done macro photography in the past by using a little trick I learned a few years ago. I take the lens off the camera and flip it upside down and literally hold it against the camera where the lens normally mounts. It is kind of awkward to hold in place and I am sure I would get some very odd looks if anyone saw me doing this. For these photos I used the 24-70mm lens. It isn’t perfect and it is very very hard to get the focus right where you want it but it does work. The shots below are a few of my favorites.

Oh, and if you try this with your camera, be prepared to clean it very well after shooting like this.

CEL26505 CEL26496 CEL26523 CEL26482

CEL26454 CEL26438 CEL26588 CEL26511CEL26547



Krewe of Eve Parade with the MHS Colorguard

I spent my Friday evening marching alongside the Mandeville High School colorguard and marching band in the Krewe of Eve parade in Mandeville. While this is my second season working with the colorguard, this was my first parade with them since in the past I have had photo shoots on parade days. Of course, I brought the camera along and shot a few photos before and during the parade. I played with some longer shutter speeds to get some movement in the flags and rifles in a few frames. Below are a few of my favorites.

CEL20535 CEL20579 CEL20662 CEL20712 CEL20738 CEL20842 CEL20845 CEL20937 CEL21008